diciembre 10, 2004

I'm cool baby, I'm cool...

Hey, what's new folks?!
Let me tell you something, when I'm cool, happy or really sad, I write in English. So this is one of this ocassion.
I tell you that I'm sure I'll do the writing really bad, with a lot of mistakes and bad verbs, wrong conjugation and other gramatical stuff, but the essence is the same.
In a few post before I write somethign about the balances (is that right?) well, tonight is one night that I can tell you that was positive. I fell comfortable... cool, yeah, that is the word. I was cool and most important fact is I AM COOL NOW, and that is why I am writing this in English.
Please don't ask why, I know many of you would want to punch me, or kick me, but please let me enjoy this moment. I don't know what will happen, but, who the fuck knows that?

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